immortal: who will you love part 1

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You are a girl in Georgia in a town called Blood. You have a pretty normal life but after one incident things turn pretty abnormal........

As I know their are lots of quizs like this one but mine has a twist. What that twist is your going to have to find out for yourself. Hint the clue is in the title.

Created by: Bluestar

  1. Your in your bedroom listning to Evanescence going under. When you hear a thump, a ripping sort of sound and than a scream. Your first thought is
  2. Whatever your first thought you go outside to see what it is as your walking and you feel grass tickle your feet. When you hear somthing moving.
  3. Than you feel a sharp blow to your head and than darkness. Your first word through your mind is?
  4. As your starting to revive you hear "dranme (pronounced dran-may) you idiot," and than a small scuffle. Your starting to make since of things when a dark brown haired boy says "stop it"
  5. Than a brown haired with brown eyes says "are you alright" and as your starting to answer a red haired boy with green eyes says "of course I didn't hit her hard enough to kill her."
  6. Than a blonde haired boy with blue eyes comes in and says "oh sure dranme I'm sure she'll love you for that." and a black haired boy with black eyes (and his arms had tons of scars) comes in but doesn't say anything.
  7. "I'm Dranme by the way," says redie brownie says "and I'm Charm," "I'm Liam," says blondie and "I'm Shav" says blackie.
  8. Suddenly the burning in your throat becomes unbearably hungry you can't wait any longer for food so you attack Dranme.
  9. As your poised over Dranme's throat you hear someone says stop! Though it practically kills you to do so you get off of dranme.
  10. As you get off of dranme someone mutters fuc* and than Liam yells "Dranme you changed her!" and than Liam lunges. Charm yells "get off of him," and than he says ________ your a vampire?
  11. Cliffhanger so who do you love?

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Quiz topic: Immortal: who will I love part 1