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Find out by yourself. Read the story quiz. Go on. Look.

Created by: Amywhite

  1. You walk down a dark alley. New York. Just visiting. The sun was beating down.It burned your eyes more than anything ever had. Someone from behind grabbed you and took you into a dark room.
  2. It seats you on a couch. "I'm Elijah. To your left.....Well..That's Kate and to your right is Lexus." Kate steps out from the shadows. Your jaw drops. Kate speaks"Whats so surprizing?" "y-y-y-y-your a DUDE!" "Yeah..Last time I checked" "A-a-a-and your na-ana-name is K-k-k-kate?" "I told you she would laugh!" Lexus started "She didn't laugh!' "Why do we need her?" "Shes the only one who knows where it is!" "where wh-" Elijah was getting mad. He grabed Kate by the neck and pulled him up in the air. "Don't EVER yell at Lexus again. And to answer your question, The Light." "What do you mean by the light?" "I mean the Light. The stone that The Light's have!!!! She knows them." They all turned toward me. "Wait you mean...Light? Like....Alex Light?" "His parents yes" Alex Light was your boyfriend but you broke up when he started to hurt you.
  3. "So...They are bad people?" "Mmm...You could say that." Lexus takes over Elijah's speaking. "What do you mean 'I could' Guys, Lexus! Kate! Elijah! I'm not trying to be mean but I NEED answers! These 'You could say that's and 'what do you think's and 'maybe's need to stop! I can't take it! I'm leaving." They stare at you amazed. You go up to the place where you woke up and grap all of the stuff you brought and walk out the door.
  4. You sit on the farest curb from the house.He is the snakiest so, you don't hear Kate walk out and follow you. He stands and looks down at you. "You are allowed to sit you know..All the free country crapis true." "Alright" He does what you say and sits. You guys glare at each other or a good minute. "We're sorry about answering your questions that only lead to more questions..." He takes your face in his hands "....But we love you, and we need to protect you. I know that sounds like Twilight junk but it's true." "Alright" You mimic his earlier words. "But dude...Your really started to creep me out" "Ha" He puts his arm over your shoulders and gets closer to you. "Dude I ain't kissin Noone."
  5. "Alright" "Is 'Alright' All you can say! C'mon! Add some variety!" "I will...If" "Theres always a loop hole.Alright what do you want" "Come in side. Stay with us. And we'll show you a few things." He gets up and offer you his hand. "I know how to walk..And get up" You walk in the house together. The minute you walk through the door your bombarded by hugs.
  6. You go up the stairs following Lexus. He shows you his room. "But..this is where Elijah sleeps.." You seem to be pondering the thought "ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!" "what is up with these 'Alrights in this house... Gosh" "Sorry..__________ WHo do you want to sleep with?" "Umm...How about know one..I want to be a virgen for a while longer please." "No no no..Not like hat..Like inthe same room...Sorry for not clarifing." "It's okay and...Um.." Take you pick
  7. Alright thats it for now :) It took me a while to make this want me to make a nother one?
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  10. Sorry to leave you at the good part..Okay who do you like?

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