Immortal and mortal

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This is a quiz for people who are still questioning on their reality. Their own consciousness is on doubt the point that they go insane. Now don't be fray! All you have to do is answer the quiz and see what answer you get.

In other words: you will die eventually no matter what you do. But it doesn't mean that you will die for eternity. Haha, you will live for eternity and die for eternity. You're inside a infinite loop. Eat a pizza, slap your wife, kiss your mum whatever.

Created by: John Cena

  1. Do you sport?
  2. Do you eat healthy?
  3. Do you socialize?
  4. Do you think immortality and mortality is a perceptualization as a conceptualization?
  5. My goose is getting cooked.
  6. Do you have a lot of stress?
  7. Are you physically, emotionally and mentally tired?
  8. If you are mortal, would you do nothing to achieve immortality?
  9. Since you are the only immortal being floating around the endless void of nothingness, would you consider to try and commit suicide?
  10. My life for aiur!

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