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  • i mean this in the most genuine way possible

    please just shut up and leave if that's how you feel.

    no one cares about your farewell

    tell you friends youre leaving and just go we dont care for your pity party

    Broken Hearted
  • Don't be dramatic. If you want to go please just go.

    Faceless Knight
  • hello kish chan eil e air a bhith ro fhada bho thug thu misneachd dhomh, ach tha mi a smaoineachadh gu bheil mi A CUR A-MHIN freagairt pongail. tha thu nad mhac leisg leisg de chnuimh c --- agus tha mi a smaoineachadh gur tu am mod as miosa ri taobh aon de na mdan blizzard agus is dcha nach eil thu airson china a shaoradh agus gur e iasg gidh a th annad.

    Marrow Sable
  • Ok bye 2

  • I'll never be nuetrual.

    • Lol thanks, you put the nicest comment on here.

  • I saw someone comment about your quiz, and I have to say sorry that that happened. Even though I dont know who you are, Im going to go out on a limb and say you dont deserve this.