Im making alt accounts to fit my mood.

Would you rather... eat a small can of cat food or two rotten tomatoes? Be completely bald or be covered head to toe with hair? Date your best friend’s enemy or your enemy’s best friend?

Would you rather... have a pig nose or a monkey face? Always talk in rhyme or sing all the time (yes I did that in purpose also warning this next ones kinda gross) always have a booger in your nose that moves when you breathe in and out or a piece of food stuck between your two front teeth?

Created by: Keyboard
  1. Not all of them have been created yet but I’ll tell you what the ones I have now mean:
  2. No. 1: Silent_Hybrid
  3. This account was used as an rp account but since I’m not using it anymore it’s going to be used as the mixed emotions account.
  4. No 2: Sugar_Girl
  5. This was also used as an rp account but since I’m not using it anymore I’m using it as the happy account. I think I may have forgotten the password, but maybe I can do something about it.
  6. No. 3: Angry Keyboard (if you don’t know what this one is used for I’m disappointed in you)
  7. And finally, the account I’m using now is going to be used for any other emotion such as sadness, or if I’m not venting (because those other accounts are just me venting or just me letting you know how I feel without me saying anything).
  8. I don’t know, I may make another account for when I’m feeling sad.
  9. Even though this doesn’t really count as a quiz, please rank it (a good 5/5 tho lol) because I’m almost a junior now.
  10. Also read my quiz paragraphs and answer the would you rathers (if ya want)

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