If you were the last human on Earth?

You wake up, with not a person, sound, or movement whatsoever. You later discover that for whatever reason, you are the very last human being on planet Earth!

This quiz will base your knowledge on what to do to survive as the only human left! Will you stay where you are or go great distances? Will you use resources or create your own? Find out by taking this 10 questions quiz!

Created by: Daan

  1. So you’ve discovered you’re the last human on Earth! What do you do first?
  2. What is the first resource you should ideally find?
  3. Where would be the best place to find shelter?
  4. Why should you not live in a city?
  5. What weapon should you use to protect yourself?
  6. Let’s say you decide to head to a distant location, but you can only take limited things. What four things would be the most important to take?
  7. You find a waterfall to use as a water source! What would be the safest way to purify the water?
  8. What would be the safest and ideal way to create a power source?
  9. How would you travel around?
  10. Finally, did you enjoy this quiz?

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