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I am so bored right now that I make this quiz. Sooooooooooooooooo enjoy y dude yei the uudhdhdhidhcuhfhfhhfhfhfhdhhfjfududhdufhicfhjfhdidhfufhfudhidhdhfh

This is my first guiz soooooo please dont hate me. Usyeyryuehsfe ugh twysge yeti sh pig ehe hii s jab sdgg he had cheese pizza and blahblah blah and blah

Created by: Person1Q

  1. How are you
  2. What is you favorite color
  3. What is your hair color
  4. I am so bored
  5. The chicken cross the road tooo get. (Fill in blank)
  6. The last question I was try to be funny.
  7. You like this quiz
  8. Soooooo
  9. Rut FAA fyi ti eff uditdutditditditditdoyfoydurdoye38ditdkydktdjtxitxktxkydkyxkgxitditd
  10. What is your eye color
  11. Having fun

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