If I Didn't Know Any Better... Part 8

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Hi guys! So, I finally decided to do that mash-up thing, with my two series "The downfall" and " If I didn't know any better..." I hope you all enjoy this, it will officially start in the next part.

Anyways, also! Just started ANOTHER new series, 'The Guardian', which, if I may say, is definitely pretty good. So, now that we have that covered.... I must say this..... LLAMMMMMAAAAA MAAAMMMMAAAA. ( Filling space)

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. ***RECAP*** Lance sped downstairs, me and Aaron following them. Gavin. "Valerie, there you are." he sighed, pulling me into his arms with a sigh of relief. "Gavin, leave me be. I'm not in the mood to talk to you. Come back... Never." I huffed, pulling away with a frown. "But Valerie! Please just give me another chance." he pled, tilting my chin up and giving me a rough kiss infront of the others.
  2. I quickly pulled away, my face burning as he gave a small smile, touching under my chin. " Would you leave her alone? She doesn't like you, dude." Aaron hissed, quickly pulling me into his arms to keep me safe. "Look, let me talk to her, alone." he pled, taking my hands in his. The boys stared evily, looking at me for an answer. "Fine, Gavin. You have one last chance to talk to me, don't ruin it." I sighed softly, leading him to the kitchen with a small frown.
  3. "Valerie. I know I messed up big time, but I want you to forgive me, to give me another chance in your life. I heard about your mother, and could not help but feel bad. It really hit me hard. I liked her a lot, and feel so awful." he sighed, softly embracing me as I burst into tears. " Th... Thanks for caring. I guess I could give you one last chance to hang with me, but only as friends. At least for now. I'm not ready for any more relationships right now." I explained through sobs, feeling him tense up a bit, but he gave a nod. "As long as I can be around you, I'll be happy." he whispered, giving my cheek a small peck before letting me lead him into the living room.
  4. "Valerie. Are you okay?" Ethan asked, noticing the tears that lined underneath of my eyes. "Yeah. I'm fine, don't worry." I smiled, Aaron glaring at Gavin as he gave me a small hug. "I should be going. I'll see you at school tomorrow." he said, giving me a smile before leaving.
  5. "What happened?" Aaron asked, him and the others sitting beside me on the couch, perched over me carefully, so they could hear better. "Nothing. He just apologized for his mistakes and said his condolences for my mom. I explained we could only be friends, and he seemed okay with it." I shrugged, their faces full of happiness as they gave nods. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I'm going to go sleep. Can't stay this hot without sleep." I laughed, giving them each a hug before walking off to the guest room. Pulling on a silk nightgown, I quickly crawled into bed, turning over on my side and drifting off to sleep.
  6. ***THE NEXT DAY***"Wake up, sleepy head!" Aaron said, trying to coax me out of bed, barely succeeding. "I swear, Aaron. I'm just going to go in my birthday suit if you don't let me stretch." I growled, his face red from laughing so hard. "I'm sure everyone would love to see that." Lance said, walking past my room with a wink. "Pervert." I teased, hopping out of bed and shoving Aaron out of the room, pulling on:
  7. I tiredly ran downstairs to the kitchen, Gloria giving a smile as I gave her a hug. "You look lovely!" she exclaimed, adjusting my hair with a pleased look, the guys staring in awe. "Take a picture, it'll last longer." I teased, going ahead and going outside to wait for the bus. As I sped out, my body collided with a rock solid chest, sending me flying backwards into a pair of strong arms. "Oh. I'm sorry." I apologized, brushing a bit of dirt from my skirt, my eyes meeting a hot pair of hazel eyes, that looked back at my blue ones. "Don't be. It was my fault, I should have been looking up. " he said, standing me up properly, a cute smile on his face. "Ha. Well I shouldn't have been walking so fast." I shrugged, smiling as he cocked his head to the side with a curious look. "Well, I guess we are both to blame then. I'm Cash, by the way." he smiled.
  8. "Nice to meet you, Cash. I'm Valerie." I smiled, a familiar voice scaring the crap out of me. "Valerie! There you are. I thought you ran away or something." Lance laughed, Cash's face growing cold as his eyes met Lance. "Well, sorry! Get over it, you. Oh! Cash, this is my friend, Lance." I said, his face lighting up immediately. "Nice to meet you." he said, his eyes now on me. " You too. Valerie, don't tell me you went and knocked the poor guy down." he laughed, giving my arm a gentle punch. "More like he knocked me down. Mneh. " I said, sticking my tongue out with a wink. " Well, it was nice meeting you both. I gotta go, stupid trip to Dallas, Texas and all." Cash frowned, my face lighting up as he said Texas. "Lucky! I've seriously dreamed of getting there, but, yknow, sorta hard for me to ditch school and all." I laughed, his face full of excitement as he said the nicest thing I had ever been asked.
  9. "Well, you could always be brave and come along." he grinned, giving a daring look that made me want to go so bad. "As fun as that sounds, how would I ditch school? One of my friends happens to be a teacher there, and would flip out if I didn't show up." I asked him, dampening his happiness for half a second." Let me handle it. So, what do you say? To sweeten the deal, I'll even allow you to bring three friends." he said, my face lighting up as I gave a nod. "Sounds fun! Just let me go ask my other friends." I said, running back to Glorias house, my body hitting Aaron and Ethan with a thump.
  10. "Ouch! I gotta quit doing that." I huffed, standing back up with a frown. "Anyway. Guys! You won't believe this!" I exclaimed, grabbing a hold of their hands with a wide grin, jumping up and down happily. "What is it Val?" Aaron asked curiously. " This guy, Cash, offered to take us to my dream place! It's only for a couple of weeks." I squealed, their faces darkening as they gave deep frowns. " Val. Do you really trust him?" Ethan asked, my head nodding up and down as I gave a confident smile. " Lance seemed to trust him too. Trust me, guys, he's totally sweet." I insisted, giving them pleading looks, smiling as they finally agreed to go.
  11. "Fine, Valerie. But we have to meet this guy first." Ethan sighed, my heart leaping as I gave each of them a peck on the cheek. "You two are the best! Trust me, you'll just love him!" I squealed, pulling them outside with a smile. Quickly dragging them over to Cash I gave a smile and introduced them to each other. "Nice to meet you both." Cash smiled, both boys giving smiles to show approval. "So? Can we go, guys!" I asked, taking a hold of Ethan and Aaron's hands, happy when they gave nods of approval.
  12. "Texas here I come!" I squealed, tightly hugging Cash who gave a small laugh, taking my spontaneous mood pretty well. " Trust me, you'll love it there. I honestly wish I could say the same for me. Honestly, Texas is a nightmare for me." he said as we boarded the plane, our seats side by side. "Really? Why?" I asked, taking his hand in mine, silently laughing as he began to blush. "My ex Girlfriend lives there, and I regretfully did some things I am not proud of." he said, making me feel curious. " Oh?" I asked. " She had this bad habit of cutting, and I just couldn't stand to see her that way. She was a decent looking girl, and it was painful to watch her do it. In efforts to stop her, I.. I hit her. But only a couple times. She ended up cheating on me with my brother, so... There went that." he shrugged, making me feel awful for both of them. "That's awful. I'm sure she understands you were only trying to help. I would have probably done the same." I said, resting my head on his shoulder with a smile.
  13. "Ha. Thanks for the vote of confidence. As long as I don't see her, I should be fine." he smiled, wrapping his arm around my shoulders, making me feel so at home. "Any time." I said, giving a wink as I drifted off to sleep.
  14. ***A FEW HOURS LATER***"Hey, Valerie. We just landed." Cash whispered into my ear, gently shaking me awake with a smile. "Dammit. I was having a good dream, though." I grumbled drowsily, frowning as he gave a snort. "About?" "Dancing skittles. They were pretty fine." I said with a wink, tiredly shaking my head and sitting up. "Some imagination you got there. I'd prefer dancing sour patch kids." he laughed, the guys walking over to us with curious smiles on their faces.
  15. " Come on, Val. If we take the time to discuss your messed up mind, they'll take us back home." Aaron teased, pulling me to my feet with a laugh. " Oh hush. It'd be worse if we discussed your bad pick up lines." I winked, following after him, Cash and the others straight behind us. "Oh you liked them." "Only when they ended." I teased, amazed at how quiet the guys were being. "You two are so gross." Lance groaned, sticking his head inbetween us with a grin. "And you aren't? Two words for you buddy. Breath mints. " I teased. His eyes got wide as he backed away, giving a mocked fear as he held his hand over his heart. "That stung! I could offer you one as well, if you'd like. I only got one though, so we'd have to...." "I'm hoping you're going to say cut it in half, but being a perv, I'm pretty sure I know what you're going to say." I interrupted.
  16. "Hey! You're the perv for thinking I'd think that." he exclaimed, Cash giving a snort. "And you weren't thinking that?" I asked. "Of course I was. Just thought I'd let you sound like a perv." he teased, shutting up as we grabbed our luggage and went outside to hail a cab. "Lance, don't be a pervert. Poor Valerie's already got to sit with you in the back, must we torture her more?" Ethan huffed, frowning as we all piled into the cab, my body inbetween Cash and Lance. "I'd like to torture her..." Lance started, cut off by Ethan's glare. "Lance, you perv. Don't make me get out the duct tape." I warned, blushing as he gave an excited look. Man. Him and his messed up mind. "Look who's being all naughty, now. " he purred, Cash nearly choking on a cup of tea as he began to laugh.
  17. "Sorry, sorry! Blame Lance." Cash apologized, wiping up some tea he had spilled on my skirt. "No problem, dude. I'd spit my tea out too if I had to listen to his constant nagging. Oh... I DO have to listen to it." I laughed, giving him a smile as he blushed lightly. "You love my nagging, Angel." Lance flirted. "Angel? Angel!? Why do I gotta be a friggin angel!?" I shrieked, giving him a sharp glare that sliced like a knife. "Jeez, sorry my little puff pastry." he laughed, the guys rolling their eyes in disgust. "If you don't shut up, I'll be the girl who's gonna toss you off a three story building." I hissed, watching him slowly back away closer to the window seat with a frown. "Naught and violent? Jeez, you just keep getting better and better." he flirted, my eyes narrowing as I quickly slapped the side of his face, smiling triumphantly as he yelped in pain.
  18. ***CLIFFHANGER***

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