I shall have more quizzes than TomboyKaitie and Kish

You love this quiz. You love it. Nothing can describe how much you love it. You love it so much that you'll love it til' the day you won't stop loving it cause you love it so much.

You hate this quiz cause you're a loser. You'll be a loser until the day you stop being a loser which is never because you'll never stop being a loser cause you've always been a loser cause you are a loser and always will be a loser.

Created by: lilfreakgryl

  1. So if you're like TBK or Kish, guess what!!
  2. Awh thanks :3 okie well so I'm gonna try to have more quizzes than you
  3. xD This is so awesome
  4. You two are awesome also
  5. The niqqa comment was hurtful >XO
  6. This quiz sucks
  7. Does this quiz make my ass look big?
  8. >XO
  9. Cookies are the drugs to my emotions X]
  10. Can I touch your tits
  11. End of quiz :D supa awshumsauce right? Who thinks I'm gonna be able to have more quizzes than Kish and Kaitie? Comment in the comment box and tell me (:

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