I Promise I Won't Break Your Heart Again (part 1)

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So this is my first series. And it starts off by you and your best bud Adam. But Brittany, Adam's b----y girl friend, tries to make you two's friendship---

end. Brittany is the jealous type. She hates you because you should know. You are best friends with Adam! Durr! And she also knows that Adam 'secretly' likes you...

Created by: Shiny_Starr

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  1. As you walk to your locker you saw one of your best buds, Adam. "Hey ____!" Adam called out to you. "Hey Adam!" you call back to him. Both of you walk to each others lockers, "What's up?" he asked you smiling. "Oh nothing much, how bout you?" you asked back. "Just talking to you," he smiled once again.
  2. You smiled back. "Awesome." You knew he liked you. Because when you too met in 1st grade he kept on looking at you in a good way. And in grade 4 he told this other boy to ask you out for him. Haha it was just so obvious! But Adam had a girl friend. And she came walking towards both of you, her name was Brittany.
  3. "Hey babe," Brittany said kissing Adam on the cheek. (Oh god I forgot to describe Adam... okay he has flippy, wavy, brown hair, hazel eyes, and is little tanish) You rolled your eyes while you put your books in your locker. "Hi Brittany," Adam said getting kissed on the cheek and doing the same back. You got done and started walking away.
  4. You thought of when Adam told you last year when he started dating Brittany that she was a bossy b----. And he just goes out with her because actually no one likes Brittany. The football players only like her for her looks.
  5. You looked back and saw Brittany whispering to Adam about something. "What is she saying now.." you asked yourself. Adam then came up to you.
  6. He looked mad. He then said...
  7. cliffhanger!
  8. well stay tuned for part 2! (:
  9. bye
  10. bye again. :P

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Quiz topic: I Promise I Won't Break my Heart Again (part 1)