I'm Sorry to Say this, But...

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Hi. My name is Fun Quiz Girl. I like to make quizzes, and I can't wait to make more. At the end of every quiz, I tell you what the next two quizzes will be. Good luck!

Well, this quiz is interesting. Not my happiest quiz, and I'm sorry for those of you that like happy quizzes. This quiz IS important though, so don't count it out.

Created by: Fun Quiz Girl

  1. Alright, so if you took my last quiz (What is Your TRUE Favorite Animal) on Monday, you know that this week is very busy for me.
  2. This week I am only posting today and Monday.
  3. Now into the sad news.
  4. I'm Sorry to Say this, But... I have to leave gotoquiz.
  5. You might ask: Why? Well, it's because I won't get computer time over the summer.
  6. But, there's a plus. In the fall, I will be trying to post more quizzes!
  7. But... There is a catch.
  8. I'm going to a new school next year. I'm going to have a lot on my hands. I don't have any answers to anything about this school.
  9. With all the pain from this quiz, you guys may have forgotten this isn't my last quiz of the year.
  10. I have a couple more things to tell you though.
  11. My next quiz will be posted on Monday, and it is called: "What is Your TRUE Color?"
  12. On Tuesday, my quiz is going to be called: "Q & A with my Fans!"
  13. You might be thinking: How? Well, if you guys comment questions on this quiz or the next, I will answer them on Tuesday. I think this will be fun for us.
  14. And my last quiz: "My Last Quiz"
  15. By the way: My gotoquiz name is Fun Quiz Girl
  16. And in the Fall, the first quiz that I post will be called, "Fun Quiz Girl: An Update!" This will tell you how I'm doing, the new quiz schedule, and a whole lot more!
  17. Just remember, this will come out in September. Not sure the exact date yet though.
  18. Well, on that note: Remember to comment quiz ideas AND questions for the Q & A.
  19. My next two quizzes are going to be: "What is your TRUE Color?" and "Q & A with my Fans!" Bye!

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