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  • Lol hillarious XD I kinda did the same thing but it was christmas, my little cousins (Theres like 13 of them) were being very rude on christmas and my tia's said "If you're not nice santa is not going to get you anything." They just laughed and said see you in the morning so I thought 'Rude.' So I thought of a plan to creep them out, I went to tias and told them my plan (I know you must be wondering what the plan was but im getting there) So I dressed up like santa cluas put on some red contacts and when they were asleep I stood at the corner of the room just watching them evily, then after about 5 minutes, my cousin Cookie (It's a nickname but it's a long story why we call her that) woke up and saw me and woke everyone else up and they all saw me and I stood quiet and started smiling. Then they called their moms and said "Ma! Meda!" They pointed to the corner and my tias pretended that they didn't see anything then when they left everyone was staring, and I slowly said "I know when you are sleeping, I know when you're awake." And with that they all ran out the room. BUt I reveled my true identity and now they are nice and still won't forgive me-.- but it was sooo worth it at the end XD

  • Hahaha... You didn't get me... It's fun to play around with your little play. Hmmmm... And if your bored, try the forums! It's always fun there. But if you see someone saying he wants to hack you? RUN AWAY! Which I didn't. It was fun playing with that hacker. But he just wanted my profile pic. WHY THE HECK WOULD HE WANT IT! And oh yeah! CHANGE YOUR PROFILE PIC TO YOUR FACE! Lol sounds like a song! Or not... Blah blah blah... I can't open this account ever again. So if I log it out... IM DEAD! I can't find the password change thing so I can't change my account password. Even my email is changed! How the heck did he do that! Uhhhh... I need to study for algebra! Wait it's too easy! No need! Just need to answer my homework and draw stuff and done. So bye first! I LOVE YOU! BYE! ;)

    Be. Creeped out my love... Mwahahahahahahahaha ah

  • Oh god, I was so frickin' scared!!!!!!! I mean, I knew she didn't actually toe u up but I thought she actually hacked ion ur account and did something terrible to u!!!


  • That was a HILARIOUS joke! I even made a whole quiz about saving you to play along! Stay awesome, Allissa! Peace! ;D

    TNMEBDMS girl
  • Dafuq Firey_Soul!! I was all worried and crap thinking she really did lock you in a basement. Oh and about your pic I like it but if you want to change it that would be cool

    @TNMEBDMS girl -.- I took that quiz....

  • WE ARE EVIL. MWAHAHAHA!!!... but yhea, my brother is whiter than sour cream XD WE ARE SO SPAZZY XD and hey, i can type. very fast thank you very much. so *phhhhbbbbb* anywho, i really like your profile picture at the moment, so i think you should keep it like it is. KEEP ROCKING BABY SIS!!! LOVE YOU!!!

  • how dare u firey_soul but its still funny and btw when u said it was over a pie i knew it was fake but nice one but i do understand that i almost loked my friend in a closet she tried to eat the last peace of pie that was in my frige

  • i thought you were gonna slit her throat !!!!! do it if she doesn't make paranormal love part 44 and blah blah blah ...

  • dummies ... ): * transforms the 2 girls into Apple pie then gobbles Allisa and her cousin * yum! :D

  • @33iZZy18: lawl! That's awesome. xD


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