I'm back, beyotches! ;D

Everything you need to know is in the quiz. K? K.

^Yeah.... ditto.

Created by: Firey_Soul

  1. *pants* Whew! I'm really glad to be out of Stardust's basement! That little douche puncher had me tied up for 72 hours, never to see the light of day... or so she thought! Ha! I've escaped! I freakin' hate that basement... there were spiders down there! D: Spiders are scary, I don't care what anyone else says. So you might be wondering how exactly did I escape? The answer is pretty obvious. I'm Allissa. I'm just awesome like that. ;) But seriously... may none of you ever experience the unholy terrors that lie within Stardust's basement. I will never be the same. O.O Just kidding, I'm already pretty f---ed up, I can't get any worse. xD Just remind me to never EVER steal Stardust's pie! But then again it was oreo pie... mmmm. Soooo worth it!
  2. Okay, okay, I'M LYING. Do you wanna know what really happened?
  3. Sooo... Stardust and I were at Grandma's house.
  4. We were swimming in the pool while her whiter-than-sour-cream brother was attempting to get a tan. Stardust was being spazzy. I was also being spazzy. I also got attacked by an intertube... yeah, don't ask. Other than that, it was pretty fun.
  5. So, then we got out of the pool and went back to Grandma's house. Stardust and I were on gotoquiz on Grandma's piece of crap laptop. (Not the good computer, obviously.) sooo... Stardust took one of my quizzes and thought it would be funny to pose as me and write a comment. I thought it was funny too, so I let her. Then I got another idea...
  6. What if she made a whole quiz telling people that she hacked me? We both thought that was funny and wanted to get a reaction out of my readers, fans, GTQ friends, and random people. So that's what that other quiz was all about. I even typed the damn quiz. xD Stardust just mostly told me what to say. (She can't type on that freakin' laptop if it would save her life.)
  7. For the record, I did not actually get hacked. Stardust doesn't know my password. I did not steal her pie, and I did not get kidnapped. It was all a joke. If you actually believed this... well then... I feel sorry for you. :S xD And to tell you the truth, I actually kinda like Stardust's basement. It's dark, cool, and it has a TV. What more do you need? xP
  8. I'd like to thank everyone who stuck up for me. You are awesome, says me, so it must be true. And for those of you who didn't care... firetruck you. :P I'll remember this when you get kidnapped! JK! xD
  9. I will live on and continue making quizzes that hopefully make people smile... until I become a famous writer. Then y'all can read my books. x)
  10. I got nothin' else to say that doesn't have something to do with smosh. It's safe to say that I'm obsessed. :P Being a smosher fangirl is hard word y'know. Sooo... bye! :D
  11. Oh, wait! One more thing: Should I change my profile pic? I was thinking about possibly changing it to a smosh logo or a pic of Anthony or something.

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