I know you want to take my soup

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Soup. And now since I have to write this stuff I'll just tell you some stuff. Peanut Butter is brown. 123 characters is where I was at when I first typed 123.

I have to write more stuff so have so sand, a stopwatch and rice. Can you guess what those had in common? All of the had nothing in common making that a common trait. Oh look a paradox.

Created by: Tyreseonater
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  1. How many fingers can a bear eat?
  2. I you didn't notice this is a very professional quiz.
  3. Young Hova
  4. So Prince Charming comes and asks if you've heard of his no product, the NO-NO. What do you do?
  5. Ooooooo we're halfway theyer
  6. So your sittin, eatin dem nochachos. And some kid takes one
  7. I'm hot cause I'm fly
  8. I'm gonna break I'm gonna break my
  9. Favourite spice?
  10. So did you find the soup?

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