I Could Read Your Mind

This crazy dude, Jeeshan, has brought you another magic quiz! This quiz is number four on my series, but I have not shown it. Please take this quiz to get your mind read.

If I come correct, then you are normal, if I do not then you can be call as abnormal or weak-at-maths. Okay, now, take this quiz and if I came wrong, then please comment about it.

Created by: Jeeshan
  1. I am back with my awesome (or boring) magic quiz!
  2. I'll try to pretend reading your mind with the help of Math.
  3. Be prepared, this won't shock you, though.
  4. Now, think of a number between 1 - 10.
  5. Double it.
  6. Add 10.
  7. Halve it; divide it by 2.
  8. Subtract it by the original number.
  9. Okay, now by Math, I know the number.
  10. Your number is between 1 to 8, right?

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Quiz topic: I Could Read my Mind