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  • I got actress/singer 98% and second I got dancer 88% which is correct cause I perform in musicals like matilda and charlie and the chocolate factory and I am in a tv program and I love acting and singing and dancing and also gymnastics but that wsnt on the results and I dont care about crowds casue they arent really there when I acting cause I m so concentrating.

    ace_awesomeness Feb 22 '15, 11:08AM
  • This test is totaly RANDOM. How did do I know g2g, ttyl (most people know) or not, or do I know how old Robert Pattinson is,... make me have talent? lol. if I love film BUT hate Robert Pattinson I would probably didnt know his yo. Everbody (in my class, my family, and even professional painter - my aunt)told me I can draw well (just not professonal) n I myself love it since I was little. Then I got "no talent". So I'm just gonna say your quiz is nothing more than a joke, nice try though!

    Izure Nov 17 '12, 7:51PM
  • I got the dancer! :D

    Amy3312 Feb 4 '12, 10:30PM
  • I love to sing but I get too nervous around crowds!!!!

    cindy rocks Nov 3 '11, 7:52AM
  • I got dancer, but my second one was no talent. Offending! Rated 1 *

    Asrel81 Oct 5 '11, 5:50PM
  • I'm a dancer? >_< Wow. That's a surprise although it explains why I'm the theater teacher's pet.

    MalorieMoon Sep 13 '11, 10:53PM
  • omg she mas so right!! i really LOV this quiz

    ohsoweetwerewolf Aug 22 '11, 6:22PM
  • I know your frightened I know your scared.. but just remeber Faded Glory is there....

    akatsuki_Tobi Aug 4 '11, 6:41PM
  • Im an actress/singer??? No way that's way wrong! IM GOING TO BE A NINJA:P

    akatsuki_Tobi Aug 4 '11, 6:40PM
  • dancer? XD that doesn't even make sense for me. xD

    skittles15 Aug 1 '11, 11:20PM
  • hero?!?

    Ithorian Jul 30 '11, 5:17PM
  • i got an actores and a singer!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! yah me!!! im a really good singer too lol

    misspretty Jul 26 '11, 4:48PM
  • A hero
    Coodos to you and thank the future you for serving our country! You make our country such a better place for us so it's kind of a talent to learn to shoot and oh yah you have mad reflexes too!

    Suck it. lolz im a hero!!! Now i shall call to my narwhal friends and save the planet!!! UP UP!! AND AWWWAAAYYY!!!

    ninjaxtxrex Jul 22 '11, 5:12PM
  • i got actress/singer im not a good actress i kinda am but on the bright side I AM A WONDERFUL SINGER IM NOT LIEING YOU SHOULD HEAR ME!!!!

    xKitKatx Jul 17 '11, 3:01PM
  • dancer..... really? i couldn't dance if i was payed $1000000.

    nick9872 Jul 17 '11, 7:34AM
  • dancer wow lool all quizzes i take like thiis say dancer

    i_love_me Jul 15 '11, 2:56AM
  • Well, I do have good reflexes.

    madid Jun 29 '11, 1:31PM

    Lea Lea Jun 28 '11, 12:30PM
  • Me...a actress/singer!? But..I can't sing or act for shizz. :{

    MsKitty416 Jun 26 '11, 9:33AM
  • I am an actress/singer????? ?????????
    I hever rlly sing in public but I did sing in walmart* once... wierdest day ever :P
    I did one little play too I hav rlly bad memories

    MayRose Jun 25 '11, 11:04AM
  • Good quiz... ARE YOU BORED? The try out my newest quizzes:

    "Canadi an or American?"
    "Who are you in your circle of friends?"

    You know you want to... ;)

    Nikki_Knox Jun 23 '11, 10:45PM
  • yep! I'm a singer. but also a dancer. And i love 2 perform in musicals. I hope 2 b an actress someday...

    qutiepie2 Jun 19 '11, 1:01PM

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