I Bet You This is the boringest quiz ever!

Ok please take this quiz I know your like why would I take this quiz if its boring well I was suppose to make it boringer but it turned out not to be as boring as I was suppose ...

to make it so please take this quiz and take my quiz Take this quiz if you have a FACEBOOK only if you have a facebook but at the end of this quiz please rate and comment please and thank you!

Created by: CierraM
  1. Hi!
  2. How are you? (me: Im good)
  3. Pic your fav face!
  5. Whats your fav color?
  6. Whos your fav singer?
  7. :;_;:
  8. I know I said I bet you this quiz is the boringest ever but i didnt feel like makin it the boringest quiz ever!
  9. Plz take my quiz Take this quiz if you have a FACEBOOK if you havent already!
  10. So What ya doin!
  11. Do you like texten
  12. Bye

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