I bet you cant score more than 50 percent.

This quiz is basically a short quiz about my dogs! I have also put in fates, and questions about ME, MYSELF, and I. One may not look like it, but you have to select my OPINION on something.

At the end, I will also give you a random fact about my dogs! * insert name here* and *insert name here* have habits, and personalities! Hopefully, you know about them...

Created by: ArcticGlory

  1. Use a random answer for “What is your age” and What is your gender” if it shows up . Remember, this is just a HEADS UP.
  2. Why did the chicken cross the road?
  3. Am I gay?
  4. Are there two dogs?
  5. Choose a letter.
  6. welp, choose an answer
  7. Are the two dogs puppies?
  8. Are they a mix breed and a golden retriever?
  9. The dogs are both female. What are their names?
  10. Everyone loves the fate question!
  11. Penny bows down again
  12. Zoe lays around and yawns

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