I Am Sure You Can Score 100%!!!

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Hey , All of you ..i have made this quiz for you all and I am Unnati Suthar ...please take this quiz ,it has very very very very very easy questions.

In this quiz there the easiest questions you have ever seen ...So, take it and show your talent off...After taking this quiz please comment on it ....

Created by: Unnati Suthar

  1. Hey , I am Unnati Suthar and i have made this quiz - "I Am Sure You Can Score 100%!!!" ..
  2. Opposite of -Ability
  3. Opposite of- Yes
  4. Opposite of- Fine
  5. Opposite of-Antonym
  6. Opposite of-Girl
  7. Opposite of-Laugh
  8. Opposite of-Old
  9. Opposite of-Good
  10. Now,My quiz is going to end ...So, Bye!!!I'll be reading the comments tomorrow!!!

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