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This is our category for quizzes on criminal drama and police procedural television series. We have just a few links at the moment, but more will be added in time.

Our Crime Drama Quizzes

  • What 'Major Crimes' Character Are You?
    [by: mcpass1, rated: rated: 3.08/5, published: May 15, 2015]

    Are you the loyal lieutenant, the hot-headed detective, the grumpy second-in-command, or their magical unicorn leader? Take this quick, twenty-question quiz…

  • Criminal minds quiz
    [by: Alyssa, rated: rated: 2.94/5, published: Jan 23, 2011]

    There are many smart people but only a few Criminal Minds geniuses. In just a few minutes you could find out if you have what it takes to be a Criminal Mind…

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