Criminal minds quiz

There are many smart people but only a few Criminal Minds geniuses. In just a few minutes you could find out if you have what it takes to be a Criminal Mind expert!

So if you think you've watched enough episodes and you're a true fanatic, take this quiz! Then and only then will you know for sure if you are a true fan or not! I hope you enjoy the quiz! Good luck!

Created by: Alyssa
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  1. Who is your favorite character?
  2. What season did you begin watching Criminal Minds?
  3. Which BAU member would you want to be saved by?
  4. What's is your favorite episode of Criminal Minds do you like best so far?
  5. After viewing Criminal Minds episode 5.18 The Fight, are you in favor of the spinoff series?
  6. A new female cast member Rachel Nichlos play Ashely Seaver. Was added to the cast during during the season 6 episode 10 . She replace JJ .what do y'all think of her .
  7. Which CBS crime-drama would you like to crossover with Criminal Minds?
  8. Which BAU member would you most like to trade places with?
  9. In the Season finale, 3.20 "Lo-Fi", who do you think, if anyone, was injured in the blast?
  10. What did you think of all the relationship/flirtation going on between Morgan and garica
  11. How do you want The Reaper's storyline to end on Criminal Minds?

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