Criminal Minds Season 1 Trivia

Hello fellow Criminal Minds fan!! Right now you are about to take a quiz that will test your knowledge of Criminal Minds. Here a few rules and some other things you should know:

1)DO NOT look anything up (please be fair) 2)There is only ONE anwser to every question 3)Once you recive your score try to improve it! 4)Read the questions and answers carefully Good luck and have fun (please excusemy bad spelling & typing)!!!!!!

Created by: Marea_101

  1. How does Garcia answer Morgan's call in episode 01?
  2. Try again, fail again. Fail better.
  3. How does Gideon know that the Patrol Guy broke up with his girlfriend?
  4. What did Morgan call Garcia when she asks him about the night of love making?
  5. In what episode is it Reid's b-day?
  6. Who does Reid go to a Skins game with?
  7. What are the three things Gideon told Ried he needed to know in LDSK?
  8. What database does Garcia hack into in "The Fox"?
  9. What does Tardive Dyskinesia mean?
  10. How do u say doghouse in spanish?
  11. how many kernels of corn are on a corn cob?
  12. Why wouldn't Elle let SWAT go into the house?
  13. Why wasn't Garcia allowed to go to the CIA with the rest of the team?
  14. Who is the best CM character in season 1?
  15. What is the best episode in season 1?

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