Hunger Games (Hard) Test

The Hunger Games are tricky to understand in speed reading. No one gets it. Speed Reading is not good so you shouldn't take this quiz if you do. THIS QUIZ IS FOR THE EXPERTS

I tried to do this but i can't do gibberish. I don't know how the other people did it so if you are reading this, it will not make sense so go on and take the quiz.

Created by: Mysterious Fox

  1. What is FoxFace's power?
  2. What district is FoxFace from?
  3. Which male tribute had a crippled leg?
  4. Which district was textiles?
  5. What are the Career districts?
  6. Which tribute had beautiful green eyes?
  7. Where does Katniss rank music in terms of usefulness?
  8. What are the names of the stylists?
  9. What score did Rue receive?
  10. What food did FoxFace steal before she ate nightlock and died?
  11. In the plain, Thresh found ________?
  12. What is the name of Prim's lamb?

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