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  • First of all, this is a terrible quiz. Please, I urge you, to check your spelling before creating the quiz...or AT LEAST read the books so you know what your taking about.

    The quiz itself was moderately good. The questions/result have quite a bit of merit. But please, learn how to spell, or at least have a dictionary near by so you don't through your credibility out the door.

  • Your Result: otter

    you are very smart, trustworthy and shy, you like nauter and animals, you have few close friends that you like and trust but you like to be on you own

    YAY!!! I got the same patronus as Hermione!! And my results are extremely accurate.

    Hermy Weasley
  • sorry but have you atually read the books? you didn't really have enough questions or results for this to be acurate, and by the way is a dove really gonna work as a patronus. lets see in this quick role play...

    dove swoops out of......'s wand and heads towards dementor. dove trys to explain to the dementor, that peace is the best way. dementor takes no notice and does the dementor's kiss. dove elimintated.

    doesn 't really work...
    also please work on your spelling.

  • This was quite a bad test. You need to learn to spell, and you've clearly only seen the movies, I'd be surprised if you've even read a book before.

  • Yes, I am looking for a quality Patronus quiz.

    NOT this. Learn to spell!
    No truth in advertising.


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