How Would You Have Done As a 1700s Pirate?

Imagine you are born in the 1700s. You have grown up around the sea hearing splendid and dangerous tales about swashbucklers and mighty pirates. You dream and you wonder... Do you have what it takes to be a real life pirate?

In this quiz you will answer questions and make decisions that will determine how your life as an outlaw of the seas will work out for you. This is your life and where will it lead you as a pirate!

Created by: Ellick77
  1. You must choose your first step in becoming a pirate.
  2. You are watching an enemy fort protecting a tempting settlement from on deck of your ship. You see them bringing up their cannons. What orders do you give your ships at sea?
  3. There is a mutiny planned. It has a good chance of success and conditions would likely improve. But the Captain is clever and ruthless. Those falling on the wrong side of a winning Captain could really be in for it.
  4. You command a small fleet. On land is a battery of the King's army with a noted commander. They seek talks with you in person.
  5. You spot a target with high risk but high reward. What do you do?
  6. What is your philosophy as a pirate?
  7. Do you seek to have a larger fleet of ships or prefer to have one, 2 to 3 maximum?
  8. How much mercy do you show your enemies?
  9. How do you put these 3 in prevalence in regard to your ship or your captain's ship? They are durability or defense, speed and maneuverability, and armament or firepower.
  10. Which of these do aspire to be without thoughts of going higher? Of course things do change.
  11. Will you be willing to stop with a modest fortune?
  12. You are in command of 4 ships preparing to enter seas often patrolled by Royal patrols and other hostile pirates. The prize is the merchant ships full of goods due to be travelling through the shipping route toward their destination. Unfortunately for you one of your ships has mutinied and sailed off with a good amount of booty. You have a choice to make.
  13. First off roll 2 dice. On a result of 2-5 or a 9. Choose the last answer N/A. This means your life as a pirate ended before this issue arose... A war breaks out between 2 super powers. You are offered by your native land to be commissioned as "privateers" and be forgiven your past privacy. Of course you can only prey on ships of the enemy which limits targets and at the end of hostilities your career as a pirate is expected to end. Then there is the question of whether you can trust the ones offering the deal.
  14. You have a fortune hidden on an island. Going to retrieve it will be dangerous, both in regards to the law and cutthroats seeking your wealth. Roll 2 dice. If you roll 2-7 this does not apply, answer N/A. What do you?

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