how wimpy are you

what is a wimpy person? someone who scares easily? a phobia maniac? i guess it all depends on how you look at it and what type of person you are. whats your view of a wimp?

are you a wimp at heart? are you a fearless fighter? or are you a half and half? take this quiz to find out if you are a wimp or if you are not a wimp.

Created by: ev

  1. are you scared of the dark?
  2. have you ever hidden under your bed becuz you hear a noise outside your window?
  3. hav u ever peed in ur pants becuz someone sneaked into ur room in the night and stood by ur bed with a mask on wen u woke up?
  4. do u scream like a little girl?
  5. do i scare u?
  6. are u scared of ur own shadow?
  7. are u bored?
  8. did question #9 creep u out?
  9. are u afraid of clowns?
  10. are u scared of crows?

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Quiz topic: How wimpy am I