Have you ever wondered about your childs or your future childs future? well take this quiz and find out what amazing things awaits your childs life.

Once you take this quiz you will find out what your childs or soon to be childs destiny is. You will see that by even the smallest descions you make can effect your childs life in the future. Who knows they could be famous!

Created by: happy weeks
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  1. If you had a child and they acted up and i mean badly like screamed,threw things and damaged household appliances what would you do?
  2. Would you ever put your hands on your child if they disrespected you?
  3. Would you ever spoil your child or would you make them earn every thing they got?
  4. Would you overly moniter your childs grades,actions,and social life?
  5. Would you give your child their own personal privacy?
  6. You just got a call from your childs school saying that your child stole a personal item from another student and that their suspened for 4 days. How would you handle the situation?
  7. Would you have a parent and child day when you and your kid do something together on a certain day?
  8. Whould you reward your child if they got a straight A or straight B report card?
  9. How would you handle it when you see your childs starting to "mature"?
  10. At what age will you trust your child to go to the movies or the mall by themselves with a friend?
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