How will do you know the B17 Flying Fortress

Welcome to my Quiz.Where you can test you knowledge of the B17 Flying Fortress!I DO NOT promiss that you wont get insulted...Do you think i should do a warship/ tank version by the way feed back is appreciated!

No Cheating No posting comments that start with:dont not read this or Blah Blah Blah Please comment Please have fun or else lol >:D hmmmmmm im outta stuff to say....

Created by: John

  1. Who made the B17?
  2. What year was it made/designed?(not when they started using it)
  3. How long is it?
  4. How wide are its wings?
  5. How many engines(easy one!)
  6. How many Guns?(hint if can be modified to have 19!)
  7. Top speed
  8. How tall is it(hint more than an inch XD)
  9. Maximum weight?
  10. True or fasle:a B17 nicknamed old999 won a dogfight against 17 ZERO's?

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Quiz topic: How will do I know the B17 Flying Fortress