How will do you know famous people?

These quiz is to help you know about famous people.If you know this stuff then you are one smart person. A genuis is a person like you and thats clever mind and never stop tryingh and can do it.

This quiz can help you find out if you are a genius on famous people. If you won't to find out and take this quiz cause just in a few minuets you will know what you are. If your wondering take it. If you have the power and can do anything then take this quiz and belive in your self.

Created by: Jade

  1. What is TI's real name?
  2. Who sing's "One Time"
  3. What year was justin bieber born on? What was his birthday?
  4. Where did justin bieber record his video "Baby" at?
  5. What is Ray J's sisters name?
  6. Why did Chris Brown start crying at the Bet or Michel Jackson awards?
  7. Does p diddy have kids?
  8. What movie did Beyonce play in but she was MEAN in this movie (Hint)
  9. What does selena golmaz play in on disney channel?
  10. How did Ashanti die?
  11. Fill in the blanks. - and - take miam Two names (Hint)
  12. Who sings "Say ahhh"
  13. How old is Keri Helson?

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Quiz topic: How will do I know famous people?