How well you think that you know Miley Cyrus?

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Well,many say that they know EVERYTHING about Miley Cyrus!We must believe them?Who knows?If they do this quiz we can learn the truth!Take it and learn it!

Are you a MIley Cyrus fan?Take this quiz(which is VERY easy)and you will learn!Are you a MIley Cyrus genius?A Miley Cyrus BIG fan?A Miley Cyrus fan?Or a Miley Cyrus nothing?

Created by: Konstantina
  1. When does Miley was born?
  2. Where did Miley was born?
  3. What's Miley's father name?
  4. Who did Miley dated in 2008?
  5. Who were at the show "Hannah Montana" the best friend of Miley?
  6. Whats.'s Miley's fave sport?
  7. What is Miley's age?
  8. What's the name of Miley's mother?
  9. Where does Miley live?
  10. Which one isn't A MC song?

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