How well you know hockey

So I like hockey very much and I wanted u to try taking this quiz if u like hcokey ! I worked hard of learning. So hope u like it.I watches hockey when I was 11.

So I gave my self to enjoy and liking watching hockey every day and Yes The canadain s does have 24 cup. I know it is crazy and Yes every year they have playoffs.

Created by: Mackenzie

  1. How many Stanley cup does the Canadians have right now
  2. Which team does not have a mascot
  3. Who is the mascot for Blackhawk
  4. How many team is there in the NHL
  5. What team fired their couch once
  6. How many assistant captain is there per team
  7. What is the color for the Ducks team
  8. What is the best team in the NHL
  9. What was the oldest team in the history Franchise
  10. Who owned the La kings team
  11. How many Penalties are there in hockey
  12. When u push some one with a stick, what is it call

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