how well do you know girls hockey

you may think you know about girls hockey, but do you really? come take this quiz and find out how much you really know about girls hockey and its history

How much do you really know about girls hockey? maybe you know every little thing, maybe you know nothing, take this quiz and find out for your self what you really know

Created by: janni

  1. what is not allowed no matter what age group you play in
  2. how many girls can you have on your team
  3. what piece of equipment must always be worn no matter your age or league
  4. how many players are on the ice NOT including the goalie
  5. what is not a penalty
  6. who is the number one female hockey player in the world
  7. what girls team has the most olympic championships
  8. who has the most olympic medals in olympic history
  9. What team came third in the 2014 olympics?
  10. who was the first female to play in the NHL

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Quiz topic: How well do I know girls hockey