How Well Would You React To Death?

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Many people make quizzes claiming to tell you how you will die. But, what they never do is tell you how you will react to your death. Many things in your life relate to the cause of your death, and how you will react to it.

This is a quiz telling you how you might react when you die. For example, someone who watches many horror movies may react differently than someone who doesn't. Hope you enjoy my quiz! Thanks!

Created by: tara the amazing

  1. Do you watch many horror/thriller movies? (Move horror than thriller.)
  2. Have you ever watched someone die? (In person)
  3. Do you ever/often have dream about death/dying?
  4. When/if you have those dreams, do they frighten you?
  5. What character would you be in a Horror movie?
  6. Do you ever worry about dying? (Don't worry, I don't get to know what you answered)
  7. Do you ever take the "How Will You Die And When" quizzes?
  8. (***THESE LAST QUESTIONS HAVE NO EFFECT***) Will you comment, rate, both, or neither.
  9. (*No effect*) Did you like this quiz?
  10. (*No effect*) How do YOU think you will react to death?

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