How well would you do "High-Yellow?"

"High-Yellow" is my nickname for this day camp that I went to when I was 4 and 5. It took place in the morning and was pretty actually pretty fun, but there were a few things I didn't like about it at all, for example, some of the leaders weren't too good the second year and there was a mean boy there one year.

Would YOU like this camp? Camps can be kind of hard to choose sometimes because they are so many of them! To find if you would of liked "High-Yellow" as a child, take this quiz. It's kind of hard to know because it was one of those camps that some people would like, and some people wouldn't like that much.

Created by: emberscatsootie

  1. AGREE OR DISAGREE QUESTIONS: Playing favourites is OK sometimes.
  2. Crafts are a lot of fun.
  3. Swimming is a fun treat.
  4. Sometimes life is unfair and that is just the way it is.
  5. Uniforms can be useful when out with a very large group.
  6. Kids will be kids.
  7. If you ask everyone to bring lunch to an event, you should have extra lunch on hand in case someone forgets, or doesn't get the memo.
  8. Mini games are an excellent choice of activity if you have a large group of young kids who have a variety of different interests.
  9. One year can make a lot of difference in a person's maturity, therefore, 4 year-olds shouldn't have nearly as many expectations as 5-year olds.
  10. Variety is good.
  11. PREFERENCE QUESTIONS: How long would prefer to go to a day camp for?
  12. What type of camp would you prefer to go to?
  13. A day camp's location should be............
  14. A day camp should take place at.........
  15. How often should a day camp go on field trips?
  16. Would you prefer to..........
  17. What is a good ratio of adults to kids at a day camp for 4 and 5 year old girls and boys?
  18. Which of these places would you be the most excited to go?
  19. Which type of half-day camp (Morning) structure appeals to most?
  20. How should day camps celebrate on the last day?
  21. QUESTIONS BASED ON MY EXPERIENCE: How much do you like swimming?
  22. Do you enjoy the playground?
  23. How important is the leader factor in camp?
  24. How upset would you be if your crafts at the park blew away?
  25. How would feel if you asked the leaders at camp for a certain colour of pipe cleaner and you got a different colour pipe cleaner and someone you didn't like got the colour you wanted?
  26. How upset would you be if you were the only one who didn't get a part in a play the camp put on?
  27. What would you do if other kids weren't getting in trouble for things you were getting in trouble for at camp?
  28. Does it bother you when people expect you to be perfect?
  29. If you were running a camp, which leader would you most likely hire?
  30. How do people most often describe you?
  31. It is the first day of camp, you notice that all the other kids brought snacks, however, you don't have a snack, your mom is still there, what do you do?
  32. Now, it's the end of the day, and a boy hits you, you tell the leader and they say "What did you do to provoke him?" You didn't do anything to provoke him, he just hit you, what do you do?
  33. You come back the next day, you are doing a craft that you don't really like very much, what do you do?
  34. After the craft, you play a game, you aren't really that involved in the game, how do you feel?
  35. The next the group is going a field trip the library! The leaders make you an ugly yellow shirt that is too big for you! What do you do?
  36. After the library, you go back to camp and you guys put on plays, you have a problem during the plays, but really like the second one, the leader tells your mom about the problem, but not that you liked the second play, how do you react?
  37. The next day, you go to the park and it is a very windy day, you want to play on the playground, but the leader tells you have to finish your craft being going to the park, do you do?
  38. On the way back to camp, your hat blows off in the wind, you go to get it and the leaders tell you to home back, what do you do?
  39. The next, the group is going to the swimming pool! Which activity do you spend the most time doing?
  40. The rest of the day turns out to be a BLAST! When your mom comes to pick you up, how do you react?

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