Greek or Roman?

For years the two demigod camps (Camp Jupiter and Camp Halfblood) have been fighting so much so that the gods have had to make the camps forget about each other.

Now the time comes to take the test. Greek or Roman? Which one are you? Which camp do you belong to? Now, in only a few minutes you will find out! Camp Halfblood or Camp Jupiter? May the best camp for you win

Created by: Charlie Legweak

  1. How would you prefer to work?
  2. Witch colours do you prefer?
  3. Who do you admire more?
  4. Which animal is more you?
  5. Are you a?
  6. Which is bad luck?
  7. Who do you think gives more trust worthy prophecies?
  8. Would you?
  9. Which do you trust more?
  10. You don't want to lie to the Praetor Reyna because...
  11. You don't want to lie to Mr D (Lord Dionysus) because....

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