Are you a demigod

hello person i must tell you that you maybe able to join our ranks as a demigod and as a fellow demigod i hope to see you at camp halfblood so i cant wait to train with you

so i tell you young greek that you must always be on guard and on edge if you plan on ever making it past 20 or even 16 and also i recommond nectar and ambrossia

Created by: Sonofhermesorapo

  1. do you ever feel a strange feeling when a certain thing happens like ( swimming or when the wind blows do you feel reguvinated )
  2. do you ever have wierd stuff happen to you like ( a animal being wierd or maybe a teacher )
  3. do you think a friend might not be human
  4. do you have adhd
  5. are you dyslexiac
  6. do you ever feel a connection to maybe something like a seashell or something
  7. do you have weird dreams that you can change the area and have it repeadly
  8. have you seen strange thing that shouldnt be there like dryads and naiads
  9. do you see things out off the corner of your eyes that disappear or have a feeling of someone watching you
  10. do you have an un-natural fear or phobia of something like spider,etc.

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Quiz topic: Am I a demigod