How well to you know Raven( teen titans)

This is my first quiz and I tried my best. If you get a bad score and you watched the movie I suggest you watch it again. Please take my how much do you know Raven quiz.

Do you know everything about Raven? If you think you do I dare you to take my quiz. This quiz is based on the original teen titans movie so try your best!

Created by: Veronica of Which teen Titan character are
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  1. What is Ravens favorite color?
  2. Is Raven a girl or boy?
  3. What is Ravens powers?
  4. Who likes Raven in the first season?(not including Aqualad)
  5. Is Ravens dad Trigon?
  6. Raven likes to...
  7. When Raven defeats Trigon in the battle of good and evil, who does she hug and say "someone believed" to?
  8. Ravens hair is
  9. Which color of Raven is the most powerful(the color she used to defeat Trigon)
  10. Does Ravens mother appear in any of the episodes?

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