How Well DoYou Know The Chronicles Of Narnia?

Narnia is a mystical magical and mesmerising land, filed with unicors, dragons, and talking animals. These books explain it from begining to end.

Find out how well you know your Narnia! Put your mind to the test to face this dragon of quizzes! I'm very specific about these books, do be prepared for a challenge!

Created by: Purple Mustache

  1. In the Scocerers Apprentice, What transported them to the Woods between worlds?
  2. In The Silver Chair, what animal did the scorceress turn into?
  3. In The Last Battle, What animal did King Tirian ride?
  4. In The Lion, Witch and The Wardrode, what did the White Witch give Edmund?
  5. In The Horse and His Boy, what land did Shasta want to travel to?
  6. In Prince Caspian, what creatures tried to make Caspian give blood to the White Witch?
  7. In Voyage Of The Dawn Treader? Who was
  8. In the Scorcerer's Apprentice, how was the wardrobe made?
  9. In The Last Battle, whho pretended to be Aslan?
  10. What is the White Witch's name?

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