How Well Do you Really Know Him?

Everybody thinks that they know their other half... but do they really know them? People can be together for years and never know anything about the other person. Make sure that's not you!

Do you really know your other half? Do you know enough about him to take this quiz? Do you know about his past or his dreams and goals for the future? Find out!

Created by: Lizzie
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  1. First Off, Do You Know His Full Name?
  2. Do You Know His Parent's Names?
  3. Do You Know His Favorite Place To Go?
  4. Does He Have any Scars?
  5. If he Plays a Sport, Do You Know What Position He Plays?
  6. Do You Know His Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?
  7. What is His Favorite Baseball Team?
  8. If He Were A Winnie The Pooh charater, Which One Would He Be?
  9. Do you know his family background?
  10. What color are his eyes? (Without Looking at a picture!)

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Really Know Him?