how well do you look?

there is only one to two people in your school who are the most popular. but taking this quiz will tell the truth if you are true popularity or not...

are you pretty enough to win a beuaty pagent? do you have the style to run in high heels? do you make the other girls/boys faint over you? if you answer yes take this to see how you really look like!!

Created by: emma childs

  1. what color is your hair?
  2. what color is your eyes?
  3. what clothes do you wear?
  4. how old are you?
  5. do you have a boyfriend?
  6. what type of hair do you have?
  7. how often do you wear heels?
  8. do you have a crush on anybody?
  9. do you like or love my quiz so far?
  10. are you ready for your answer?

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Quiz topic: How well do I look?