How well do you know your YouTubers?

There are many people in the YouTube community such as Lohanthony, Caspar Lee, and Jenna Marbles. But how well do you really know about them? dun dun dun.

Test your knowledge with these ten questions of mysterious mysteriousness that will confuzzle you to no extent and will leave you on the edge of your seat. (Don't worry, the world of youtubing isn't really that dramatic.)

Created by: Alexis and Elizabeth
  1. Who are Jack and Finn?
  2. Who is Tyler Oakley?
  3. What is macbarbie07's real name?
  4. Who is Dan Howell's roommate?
  5. How did Kingsley lose a majority of his videos?
  6. Who is Jenna Marbles ex boyfriend?
  7. Who did the chubby bunny challenge with Tyler Oakley?
  8. Which YouTuber was a contestant on UK's Big Brother 11?
  9. Which group received their own show on MTV?
  10. Who was the YouTuber who did a parody of a shopping hull and called it CVS hull?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my YouTubers?