how well do you know your wings of fire?

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Wings of Fire is, in my opinion, the best series ever! With roaring dragons in a bloody war, it consists of so far five books-the dragonet prophecy,lost heir,hidden kingdom,dark secret and brightest night.

Have you read them all? (Except for the last, unreleased one) Are you a Wings of Fire fanatic? Take this quiz to find out! This quiz will tell you how much you know of Wings of Fire!

Created by: blizzard

  1. what are the names of the alternate dragonets?
  2. who became the new sandwing queen?
  3. who is starflight's mother?(hint:it is mentioned by morrowseer in the dark secret)
  4. what are the names of the three guardians?
  5. who enchanted the orca statue?
  6. who was webs?
  7. who was peril's mother
  8. what made peril so special?
  9. who killed kestrel?
  10. who killed gill?
  11. who/what killed all the seawing heirs?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my wings of fire?