how well do you know your starters

something needs to be here so ya this quiz is about what level of knowledge you have on the starters in pokemon from pikachu to piplup to chespin there's a whole bunch

something needs to be here to so ya this is about testing your knowledge on how well you know pokemon starters have fun and enjoy the quiz that i have created.

Created by: stevenm32

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  1. what level does fennekin evolve at
  2. what level does totodile evolve at
  3. what level does cyndaquil evolve at
  4. what level does chikorita evolve at
  5. what level does turtwig evolve at
  6. what level does froakie evolve at
  7. what level does croconaw evolve at
  8. what were the first three starters
  9. what starter did ash choose
  10. final question... what final starter evolution is water dark
  11. you ready for your answer?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my starters