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  • Actually, Athena was born from Zeus' head. She sprung from his forehead clad in full battle armor. Hence battle stragies and yes, she came from his mind, so she was also the goddess of wisdom.

  • Demeter? born out of zues' head?
    Zues and demeter were siblings

    Athena was born from his mind hence goddess of wisdom

    Looks like u need to brush up on ur facts
    No offense

  • Whoever made this quiz needs to do a LOT of editing. Spelling, grammer, capitilization-the works. I could do a better quiz, 100 times better! Its Zeus, not Zues. And there's tons of other stuff, like amazingfulyweird said.

  • totally confused says i got 94% right i double checked and i got them all right WHY?!

  • I agree Athena was born outa zeus's head not Demeter


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