How well do you know your diary of the wimpet kid?

Some people say,I'm an expert! In a few minutes and you'll find out!Are you a death dairy,A good greater or Super peeper?Find out...In my amazing quiz

Are you a real Dairy fan?Till now you could only wounder.....But do you wanna find out?Soon you will!And you will see it right now...Good luck!.......

Created by: cats

  1. Firstly,What is the Main charetors name?
  2. In a novel in cartoons what does Fregley say intead of''I need to go toilet''?
  3. What is Rodick doing on the cover in the book''Rodrick Rules''?
  4. What colour is the book ''The last Straw''?
  5. What happens in the book ''Dog Days'?
  6. What is the the puppies name?
  7. What is the newest book called?
  8. The next one are ONLY from Do-It-Yourself book,how many comices are on the back?
  9. What colour is the book?
  10. Last one. Do you like Them?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my diary of the wimpet kid?