how well do you know your abc's?

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have you ever dreamed of the most perfect quiz ever, well this is not it. you may find some joy from this quiz, but I assure you, you wont really. but there is a chance!

this quiz really doesn't have to do with abc's it's just my own crazy idea, but I hope you like it at least!!!!any way I got talking to do on the lounge forum, bye!

Created by: stormfur

  1. are you.....dead? O.o
  2. how old am I?
  3. are you actually smart?
  4. qwertyuiop?
  5. are you a cow person?
  6. hi how are you?
  7. do you want this to be over?
  8. do you have a heart of silver?
  9. tired?
  10. is raining were you are?
  11. bye!!!

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my abc's?