How well do you know X:Men: Days of Future Past?

X-Men:Days of Future Past. One of the most action-packed X men movies made. So, how well do you know this movie? Take the test and find out! It is important.

Not really though. Lets see how well you REALLY know this movie. Not well? Fairly decent? Very well? Take, rate, and comment please. And remember the most important thing: Have Fun!

Created by: therealminime
  1. Who created the Sentinels?
  2. Who's DNA was used in the sentinels?
  3. Who is sent back in time?
  4. What is Bishop's power?
  5. Why is Wolverine sent back in time?
  6. Why is Wolverine the only one who can be sent back?
  7. Who does Wolverine, Beast, and Xavier go to for help
  8. Why?
  9. What happens in the end?
  10. Rate and comment?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know X:Men: Days of Future Past?