How well do you know wizard101

There are many people who claim to know wizard101 well but test your knowledge here on my wizard101 test if you get a super good mark you get a bonus question! Good Luck!

In this mindbinding quiz see if you really are a wizard101 genius in just a few minutes you will know how smart you are (in wizard101) hurry up and start!

Created by: Kjnhb

  1. What is the headmasters name?
  2. Who is the last boss in wizard city?
  3. Who is the first person that gives you a quest
  4. What school gets the least health but strongest attacks?
  5. Who gives you the pixie card?
  6. What lvl do you become a grandmaster?
  7. Are you a .....
  8. Is wizard101.....
  9. Why is malistare evil?
  10. Final question. Will you brag about your mark?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know wizard101