How well do you know Twilight

There are many Twilight fans, but few truly know the characters and what really happened in the books...A true Twilight fan is one who knows the books by heart, and isn't afraid to show it. Are YOU afraid to show it? Are YOU afraid to find out?

Are YOU a true Twilight fan? Do you have the courage to prove you are, and wear that title for all to see? Until now, you probably haven't tested this. Now is the time to change! In just a few minutes you can find out the answer!

Created by: Raven

  1. What is Edward's full name?
  2. What animal is Edward most like?
  3. What day is Edward's human birthday?
  4. What is Bella's middle name?
  5. What animal is Bella most like?
  6. Where did Edward and Bella have their honeymoon?
  7. Who is Jacob black?
  8. Where does Bella's father Charlie live?
  9. Who tried to kill Bella in the first book?
  10. How many vampires tried to kill Bella Swan in the second book?
  11. Why does Edward leave Bella in New Moon?
  12. In Eclipse, which two people got engaged to marry?
  13. In Eclipse, does Bella fall in love with Jacob.
  14. Who tried to kill Bella in the third book; Eclipse?
  15. What are the two name possibilities for Bella's baby?

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