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Hey what's up i'm back! and I am REALLY into TMNT right now! Do you know TMNT well? Take the REAL test to find out! Note: THIS QUIZ IS BASED ON THE NICKELODEON VERSION!

Hello! I am a BIG, HUGE, ENORMOUS TMNT fan! Are you? Take this Quiz To find out! PLEASE Comment, Rate, and SUBSCRIBE!...oh wait, that belongs on Youtube.

Created by: Drewsilla

  1. What weapon is Leonardo's called?
  2. What weapon is Donatello's called?
  3. What weapon is Michelangelo's called?
  4. What weapon is Raphael's called?
  5. Which one has the darkest colored wristbands and Ankelbands?
  6. Which Turtle is very attached to a show called "Space Hero's"
  7. Which Turtle is the smartest?
  8. Which Turtle is the most Aggresive?
  9. Which turtle is the leader?
  10. Which Turtle is the most Impulsive?
  11. Which Turtle first discovered pizza?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know TMNT